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Kilbirnie Heritage
Material from the collection of artist Elizabeth Joy Steele

This website will be the basis for an online database of photographs and documents about the history of Kilbirnie. Items will be added over the coming months and years to provide a comprehensive documentation of Kilbirnie's heritage. Most of the material will come from the collection of artist Elizabeth Joy Steele, but other sources will be sought for information.
Please contact Adam McLean if you wish to share material, provide better descriptions or correct errors.
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The Old Bark Mill, Kilbirnie Loch
Roger Griffith

The old Bark Mill sat next to Kilbirnie Loch and was used at first to grind oak bark into a powder that was used to tan leather. Later it became one of the first mechanised carpentry factories. Little now remains other than one gable end and a railway dock used to bring in oak bark by rail.